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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a levy and a bond?
School districts rely on state and local funding to support their students and maintain their schools. Operational levies are for learning and directly support academic programs, student support services, student activities, and staffing. Capital bonds are for buildings and are used to build new schools, add additional learning spaces/classrooms, upgrade old buildings, upgrade technology and enhance safety and security. In 2015, the Fridley community voted to renew an existing operational levy, as well as approve a capital bond that was used to upgrade aging buildings across the district, enhance safety and security and upgrade technology across all district buildings.

2. What about the referendum that voters approved in 2015?
The Fridley school district community voted to approve two questions on the November 2015 ballot: a renewal of an existing $187.43 per pupil operating levy and a new $27.5 million capital bond referendum. The $187.43 per pupil levy that was renewed in 2015 provides $570,000 to support academic programs and support services for students. This levy is set to expire in 2025. The $27.5 million funding that was generated from the approved 2015 capitol bond levy was invested in updating district buildings, upgrading technology infrastructure in all district schools/buildings and enhancing safety and security, and completion of urgent maintenance projects in all district buildings.  

3. What is different about this referendum in 2019?
This referendum is a revoke and replace of the existing operational levy that was approved in 2015. Over the years, state funding has not kept up with inflation, which has caused a significant gap in operational funding. The proposed referendum will revoke the existing operational referendum revenue of $187.43 per pupil and replace it with a new referendum authorization of $497.43 per pupil. The new levy authorization has an annual tax impact of an increase of $88 per year (or $7.33 per month) on an average valued home of $150,000. The new funding would be applicable for 10 years and would generate $1.5 million for academic program and support services for students.

4. Why do school districts need operational levies?
All public school districts rely on state and local funding to support their students’ education and maintain their schools. However, state education funding has not kept up with inflation or increasing costs, which has put pressure on school district budgets across the state. It is the equivalent of having a job without ever getting a raise even while the cost of living - groceries, medication, childcare, clothing, gasoline, rent/mortgages, transportation, etc. - continue to rise.  The lack of adjustment for inflation in funding has created a “funding gap” in the state aid formula that has impacted school districts across Minnesota. As shown in the graph below, if state funding had adjusted to inflation, Fridley students would receive an additional $618 per student per year.

5. What will happen if voters do not approve the referendum?
If our community does not approve the referendum request, the district would face continued budget cuts, impacting our ability to maintain high quality academic programs, student support services, and extra-curricular activities for students. This could result in increased class sizes, reduction of staff, and reductions in academic programs, extra-curricular activities an support programs for our students.

6. Open Enrollment - Our open enrolled students
Students in Minnesota have school choice options by law. these options include open enrollment, charter schools and MDE approved online public schools.
Fridley Public Schools is a 4 square miles school district within the City of Fridley.  Also in the city of Fridley are portions three other school districts - Spring Lake Park Schools, Anoka-Hennepin Schools, and Columbia Heights Schools. Many of our open enrolled students are Fridley residents with Fridley addresses although due to school boundaries, they are served by the three school districts mentioned above.

In addition, Fridley is a member of Northwest Suburban Integration School District, a 7 member district consortium that also includes; Anoka-Hennepin Public Schools, Brooklyn Center Public Schools, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Public Schools, Elk River Public Schools, Osseo Area Public Schools, and Rockford Public Schools. Students who are residents of these seven school districts can open enroll at participating schools in those school districts and receive transportation to schools.

7. Open Enrollment - How are students funded?
Resident students and open enrolled students are funded equally. When a student enrolls in another school district, state and federal funding follows the student to whichever school district they enroll in. Likewise when a Fridley student open enrolls in another school district, the same funding stream follows that student to his/her new open enrolled student. 

8. How does Fridley's operating levy compare to other school districts?
All public schools rely on state and local funding to support their students education and maintain their schools. Operating levies help support the shortfalls that result when the state does not fully fund school programs. Fridley's current operating levy is $911 per student. the metro average is $1,687 per student and the state average is $1,357. Fridley students receive $446-776 less funding per student for their education than other students in the state and metro area.

9. How can I learn more?
Please join us for a community forum on October 23, 2019 in the Fridley High School Auditorium.  In addition, you may call us with any questions at 763-502-5004 or email us at levy2019@fridley.k12.mn.us.

Congratulations Fridley High School Class of 2020! The Class of 2020 Virtual Commencement Ceremony will premiere this Thursday, June 4th, with the senior slideshow beginning at 6:40 PM, and commencement ceremony beginning at 7 PM.

To honor the Fridley High School Class of 2020, the district has launched 20 for 20! For the 20 days leading up to graduation, we will be highlighting our Class of 2020 seniors.

Congratulations to our Fridley High School Class of 2020 graduates! Seniors picked up their cap, gowns, and other graduation materials on May 28, 2020 at Fridley High School. Click to view the full photo album!

In partnership with Kris Lindahl Real Estate and Blue Ox Media Group, the FHS Class of 2020 will be honored with two billboards during their graduation week! Beginning on Monday, June 1, be sure to drive by these locations to celebrate our graduating seniors!

Welcome to the 62nd annual Fridley High School Scholastic Achievement Awards! The event, sponsored by Fridley Lions Club, recognizes student excellence and achievement.

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