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Elementary Targeted Services/Learning Academy

Targeted Services is a program offered at Hayes and Stevenson Elementary that is designed to supplement the traditional school day. The role of Targeted Services is to identify students who may be at risk, either academically or socially and emotionally and to provide specific interventions that will meet the whole learner. The intent of Targeted Services is to also be purposeful, with the ultimate goal being to give students enrolled the assets, strengths, and protective factors they need to be successful in school.

Students at Hayes or Stevenson can be enrolled in after school Targeted Services if they qualify for an intervention as stated by the Minnesota Department of Education. The program focus is not solely remedial; other qualifications include:

  • social and emotional learning
  • providing differentiated instruction for students 
  • linking the content delivered to in school curriculum 
  • play-based learning 
  • project-based learning

Summer School Class Offerings

These classes are being offered to all current elementary students, grades K-4. When selecting a class for your child to attend, please take a moment to read the class descriptions. Some of the class offerings are grade specific so please select the class that will best meet your child’s needs. Some of the classes are open-enroll classes. Other courses will target a specific skill set and a teacher will contact you to discuss enrolling your child in one of these targeted teacher invitation classes. If you have been invited, please select the class the teacher has referred for your child. If you enroll without a referral from a teacher, your child will be placed on a waitlist as teacher referrals will take precedence over open enrollment.

Student Initiated Inquiry - teacher referral class
Grade: Kindergarten
Teacher: Ashton Brask and JeNaya Brown

In this class, students will collaborate with each other and the teacher to choose topics/questions to learn about. The teacher will use that topic to come up with hands on activities to help the students grow in social emotional skills as well as academic skills. These inquiry based activities will last anywhere between a day to a full week depending on the level of student interest. The social emotional skills we will focus on the most are problem solving, collaboration, and communication

Reading Through Games - open enroll class
Grades: 1 & 2
Teacher: Amanda Condon

This course is intended to practice reading through fun and different experiences than the regular classroom. Students will practice reading through different, playful ways; whether games, computer programs, or creating their own books.

Learning Through Literacy - teacher referral class
Grades: 1 & 2
Teachers: Maria Matlashewski, Breanna Kalal and Jennifer Russell

In this class, students will work to develop literacy skills and strategies through small group interventions. Areas to be worked on will include sight word recognitions, decoding strategies, fluency practice and writing.

Lego and Space Odyssey - teacher referral class
Grades 2 & 3
Teacher: Sarah Armstrong

What do you need to know about the moon to live there? What will you eat and drive? How will you get energy and breathe? What will you do for fun? What other problems will you have to solve? In this class, students will explore space through reading and writing, creating a moon base out of Legos, test their creations with coding, and share their final project at the end of this reading and STEAM-focused class.

Games Galore - open enroll class
Grades: 2 & 3
Teacher: Abby Jensen

In Games Galore, students will spend time learning and playing board games, educational games, card games, logic games, team building games, and popular online games. Students will work on math and reading skills as well as building social and emotional skills. When playing online games, students will learn about online safety, basic coding, and proper online etiquette.  Students will end the summer using all the knowledge and skills they have gained to create their own game.

Art Scientists Camp: Hands-On STEAM - open enroll class
Grades: 2 & 3
Teacher: Laura Charles

This is an art class focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) designed to engage students in real world, hands-on, collaborative learning while mastering core math and science concepts. Students will enjoy fun art projects like creating robots that draw, pendulum painting, and so much more!

Education Al Fresco - open enroll class
Grade: 3
Teacher: Andrea Erichsrud and Heather Matzen
Connecting literacy, art, science, and math to the outdoors. Students will experience the outdoor classroom, nature hikes, scavenger hunts, and Stevenson’s recently planted Rain Garden while connecting their outdoor experiences to art projects, great books, science experiments and real life math.(limit of 16 students)

Experimenting with Science - open enroll class
Grades: 3 & 4
Teacher: Kala Horgan

Do you wish that you had more time for science in your day? Do you like building, experimenting, and hands-on learning? If you answered yes, then this class is for you. We will explore science through the framework of STEAM. Each week will focus on technology, engineering, art, or math. Students will have the opportunity to explore, ask questions, and learn through the lens of a scientist.

Bridging to 5th Grade - teacher referral class
Grade: 4
Teacher: Tina Utley and Lynn Phillips

This class will be a bridge from 4th grade to 5th grade for students to continue to practice and master fourth grade skills. In reading our students will be exposed to quality literature as the build fluency and apply comprehension strategies. In math, we will use a hands-on approach to develop and understanding of concepts. Students will use games to build fact fluency and construct their understanding using a variety of manipulatives. Throughout the course we will incorporate growth mindset activities to help our students achieve their goals. This course is designed for students who need a summer boost.

Summer School Information

About the program

      • Students will have an opportunity to register from a menu of engaging and exciting summer school classes that will focus on literacy, mathematics, and/or social/emotional learning.

      • Student goals and progress will be measured and recorded using a Continual Learning Plan (CLP).

      • If you have any questions, please contact Karin Beckstrand at:

      • Classes run from June 17 - July 18

      • Monday - Thursday, no school on Fridays

      • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

      • Grab and go breakfast and lunch will be provided each day in session.

      • No summer classes July 4th or 5th.

      • Students can enroll for only one class. That class will be their class for all 19 days of summer learning academy

      • Attendance will be taken each day of summer learning so regular attendance is an expectation


      • Busing is provided for all in-district Fridley students and can be requested when registering for classes

      • Due to summer school being held at Stevenson, students will not be allowed to walk to summer school

      • Parent drop off and pick up is also an option for transportation

      • Summer busing does NOT include students who are transported by the NWSISD busing during the school year

      • Confirmation letters and transportation will be sent home by May 28th.

Hayes Elementary Announcements

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