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Personal Project

The personal project is the culminating project of the IB Middle Years Programme.  This is a significant student-directed inquiry completed in the final year of the program and reflects the student’s experience of the program.  The personal project is an opportunity for the student to produce a truly personal and creative work of their choice—their passion—and to demonstrate the skills they have developed through approaches to learning.  This experience will prepare them for working independently and developing a project over an extended period of time.

The global contexts are also central to the experience of the personal project.  Whatever form the personal project takes, it must allow the student to investigate and focus on a topic and/or issue through one of the global contexts.   The outcome or product of a personal project will vary depending on the goal of the project and the focus global context.

The personal project includes a process journal, an outcome or product, and a report.   This project builds on the Exhibition which is the culminating project in the IB Primary Years Programme.


Criteria PowerPoint

Personal Project Timeline

FHS Personal Project Guide

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