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Congratulations to Kari Reiter, Section 2A Diving Coach of the Year!
Posted 12/20/2017 08:57AM

Congratulations to Kari Reiter, who was named Section 2A Diving Coach of the Year!

Reiter has been coaching the boys and girls Fridley/Totino-Grace Swim and Dive teams for nearly a decade since she started teaching at Fridley Middle School. In fact, Reiter is a graduate of Fridley High School and was a varsity diver during her high school years.

“I have a passion for the sport and the fact that I can bring some past elements to connect with the current and future of the program is pretty special,” Reiter said.

Reiter enjoys the family-aspect of coaching her team. “I love the combination of personalities that come together and become a big crazy family,” Reiter shared. “The girls are very close and love each other like sisters. At the end of the day, they would do anything for each other and I like to think that I had a part in creating some of the closeness among them.”

Fridley swim coach Emily Heille said Kari is an incredible asset to the swim-dive program.

“Having been a diver for many years herself, she is knowledgeable about the sport and consistently holds her divers to high standards,” Heille said.

She added that Reiter is able to build strong relationships with her athletes.

“This trust enables her to push the divers a little further each day until they are surpassing their own expectations,” said Heille.  “She cares deeply for each member of her team and wants to see everyone succeed. I’ve seen her at nine months pregnant, on the diving board, behind her divers, helping them achieve their goals. Watching her with her athletes is inspiring.”

Looking back on this past swim and dive season, Reiter said this year was the first in over five years that she got in the water to dive with the girls.

“It was very humbling to “practice what you preach” and show that I actually know what I’m talking about when critiquing the girls,” she shared.

Reiter added another special aspect about this coaching season is that she will be saying “see you later” to senior Spencer Brady, who Reiter has coached since she was in 6th grade.

“I have learned a lot about coaching and myself by working with her, and I hope that I was able to make as much of an impact on her as she has on me.”

When asked about the Section 2A Diving Coach of the Year award, Reiter said she is truly honored to have received this recognition. “I feel like there are so many people that put in the time and hard work to create great athletes, and the fact that I was chosen is awesome!” she said.

Kari Reiter upon hearing she won the Section 2A Diving Coach of the Year award.

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