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Tammy Furlough named April 2017 district Employee of the Month
Posted 05/18/2017 02:29PM

Fridley Public Schools’ April 2017 Employee of the Month is Tammy Furlough, paraprofessional at Hayes Elementary.

Tammy is described as a wonderful person to work with.  She brings the sense of a caring and will go to any extent to nurture students.  Her soothing voice, kind gestures and use of language that the children understand are some of her strengths.  She understands every child in their hours of pain, struggles and rejoicing.  Tammy possesses the ability to code switch with the kids and make their day better.  Many times she is the pivot used to swing children back from a bad day to a better day.  
Tammy gets along with everybody.  The staff love her and she loves them back with her pleasant words, smiles and actions.  She always has time to stop a co-worker and wish them well.  Tammy’s advice about various seasons of life are profound and she makes a big difference in lives every day.  She is on a mission daily and achieves results time and time after time.

Congratulations Tammy!

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