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Congratulations January Employee of the Month - Laura Hengen
Posted 01/27/2020 09:25AM

Congratulations to Fridley Public Schools January 2020 Employee of the Month, Laura Hengen, a receptionist at Stevenson Elementary School. Laura, who retired in December 2019, served as the receptionist at Stevenson for ten years. The position was added in 2009, and she was the first to take the role, which she molded it into what it is today. Prior to her receptionist role, Laura served as a paraprofessional for a year and a half in kindergarten and in the lunchroom at Stevenson Elementary.

According to Stevenson Principal Daryl Vossler, Laura has been an amazing gatekeeper for the school.

“She has created strong relationships with families, and parents ask for her by name when they call the office,” said Vossler.  “Laura consistently went above and beyond by giving courtesy reminders for multiple programs and worked tirelessly with transportation to make sure all our students would get home safe each night.”

Vossler said Laura’s experience gave her a unique ability to be proactive in problem-solving. “Her caring attitude and ‘what’s best for kids’ mindset made her such a valuable employee at Stevenson. We greatly valued her presence and we congratulate her on her next journey into retirement.”

Congratulations, Laura, on earning the honor of Employee of the Month, and on your retirement. Best wishes and thank you for your years of service!

Pictured above: Stevenson Principal Daryl Vossler and Laura Hengen


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