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Fridley Middle School students participate in Inventors Fair
Posted 01/29/2020 03:00PM

Fridley Middle School 6th graders had the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and innovative ideas at the annual Inventors Fair on January 16, 2020.

“Throughout the month of December, our scholars learn about the invention and innovation process,” said Fridley Middle School math and science teacher Jessica Rifley.

Riley said students spend a significant amount of time collaborating with peers and brainstorming ideas to create a new invention, or improve an existing product.

“Our scholars learned about ‘Famous Failures’ or inventions that would not exist today had their inventors not persevered through challenges and overcome obstacles,” she said.

A culminating event, the Inventors Fair is an opportunity for students to practice their presentation skills to peers, family and community members, as well as show off their creativity, ingenuity and problem solving skills.

The Inventors Fair project fits into the inquiry-led approach, which is at the center of an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum framework. By working through this interdisciplinary and self-directed design process, students are able to further develop their critical thinking skills and understanding of themselves as learners.

Congratulations to the 6th grade students who earned special recognition for their inventions:

  • Ian Pha – Smart Fish Finding Lure
  • Gabriella Brown – Smart Box
  • Nasrudin Hussein – Phone Holder
  • Sierra Peel – The Gum Trash
  • Saffron Gillispie – The Splash Clock
  • Imed Bourouis – Homemade Waterproof Socks
  • Mau’Rya Scott – The Shoe Cane
  • Jacob Best – The Best Lego Vacuum
  • Tommy Scheldrup – The Rod Saber
  • Addison Aleshire – S.W.A.P.



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